You need to get out at Christmas.  Escape from the routine of slothfulness and gluttony and blow the cobwebs away.

Where better than the Lakes?

dsc_4133The forecast was good and the reality even better.  Bright sunshine from a sun at a blindingly low angle leaving a pattern of long shadows across the land.  There was a nip in the air and a bunch of frozen puddles on the ground.


We looped out of Staveley and up past Dubbs Reservoir.  I normally just head straight past, but today we stopped to admire the view.


We aren’t the only riders out today – there are half a dozen others out and about.


The climb proper up Garburn starts here – well, half a mile or so up the track anyway.


The wind from the north is quite chilly – without the sun it would be pretty cold!

We’re quickly up at the col – looking forward to a quick descent to the warmth of the valley bottom.  It’s  bit iffy heading down – patches of ice over the rocks are enough to cause a few sphincter-tightening moments and during one of these I realise the potential advantage of a brown saddle.


And we quickly swoop down to the valley floor.


Warm enough to stop for a quick bite, catch our breath and look back up at where we’ve been.


One last climb out of Kentmere up onto the west side of the valley.


And then we reach the Sawmill descent.


It’s a bit nice!


We’re back at Staveley in time for Wilf’s.

Sadly he’s closed for Christmas – probably gone out for a ride.

Nonetheless, a cracking ride for the elite posse – Shaman, Mr Sparkle and PunkRockDad, and a great way to spend a birthday – got to rush back now and open my pressies!

Finally got the route down.

Let’s see what it looks like:


Hey! That’s pretty cool!