The top’s up there somewhere…
…the truth is out there

There’s been a lot of Mojo talk recently.
“I’ve lost my mojo”
“help me find my mojo”
Well, this ride fits into the “Mojo Restoration” category.

It has pleasure and pain in equal measure.
Technical climbing and skillful descending.
Tricky traversing and some just riding along.
And if you’re not smiling at the end, then your Mojo’s packed a bag and may be seen hitching down Highway 69!
The route goes something like this:

There’s soft wet grass that wraps its tendrils around your wheels and pulls you in…

and then a spot of illegal (limestone) pavement riding..

The next section climbs up and over Foul Moss and swings around below Great Coum.
I have a memory of it being muddier than a muddy place. But it’s all changed.

Well almost. All good things come to an end…

It’s a great track that leads around the hillside. The Mojo is stirring!

Which leads us in gently to the Dent descent, which starts off gradually with ruts, rocks and tufty grass…

And then the track starts to get a bit rockier…

..and it gets a bit harder.
Its a development thang. Rocks turn into babby’s heeds, which in turn become toddlers heeds, chillun’s heeds and then proper big heeds!
At this point I get off and start pushing.

So it’s down to Dentdale and then back up (via a minor detour) onto the bulk of Whernside.

And over lawns a Wimbledon green-keeper would have been proud of…

The Mojo’s bubbling under. Just look at the view!
(Note – right-click and open in new tab or window to get the full picture!)

And the colours!

Pen-y-Ghent loiters in the background. Or is it Ingleborough?

And then the track potters down towards the Ribblehead Viaduct. There’s been a bit of maintenance going on here (they were working on it as we went past) and the new track is quite amusing!

and scenic

Did I mention Ribblehead Viaduct?
I’d have taken a photo but Shaman was in the way!

There you go!
Mojo restored.
Job done.