…and that’s not a Genesis reference for the older members of the community. Didn’t manage to pull an IFB posse together really, more like a deputy and a couple of dead-beats normally found propping up the bar in the saloon.
Not the most inspiring of days, misty and damp:


The posse’s headed north to bring some kind of law to Cocklaw Fell, weapons in holsters.



No signs of life over the top, just a lad out with his ‘uncle’, riding a flat shock wanting a high-pressure pump.
Down towards Sadgill, just before the sharp left to Kentmere.


Then over the top, cold and misty, for the ripping descent to Stile End.


Now some eejits have suggested we’re doing this the wrong way round.
Well, this is what it looks like doing it clockwise – you get a better class of rider going that way, dontcha think?


But back to our route, which is modelled on Harry Potter’s scar:


It’s grim up north:



I would have taken photos of the descent, but I was enjoying myself too much.
This is by the turn-off for Dubbs Reservoir, smooth and fast draws you into a a rocky right-hand bend – mind the step!


Then it’s over the moors on the long way back to Staveley, almost Industrial:


and to finish off with, a SFB-style obligatory water-splash:


Leaving one final question – which way round is best?

Well, I think we need to do it both ways in a day to find out.

Anyone want to form a posse?