…I had a couple of hours spare,,, my back seems to be a lot better..
hmmn…no excuses.

Time to head up there:

Muddier than expected. But quite pleasant – until I flew over the handlebars into a brown, smelly quagmire. Ho Hum.

To get onto the moor I had to get past the walrus on gate duty

In the distance you could make out one of the towers on the horizon

and before you know it, the trig point appears and you’re at the top!
Nice views in all directions, today you can see past Pendle Hill to the Pennines. Must be near Ingleborough, not sure which hill. Rivi always looks good (OK pedants, Winter Hill):

Coming down via Beetle Hill, there’s a cairn next to a solitary standing stone, with this carving on it:

I don’t know the story behind the girl – can anyone enlighten me?
But it’s a fine memorial:

I think when I’m dead and gone, I’d be proud to have left such an enigmatic tribute.