A return visit to the northern Lakes has been on the cards for a while.


And today was the perfect day.  Pour yourself a cuppa and open the nobnobs – there’s a few photos coming up!

We parked at the back of the church hall in Threlkeld, with a promise of tea and cakes later.


The bridleway between Blencathra and Skiddaw leads up into the hills.

Just a hint of colour around even now.


It’s a quality bridleway – firm and wide.


On the other side of the valley you can see the narrow track we’ll be returning on.

We cross over the valley near the top, and join the return route for a short while.


It leads up quickly to Skiddaw House, a remote Youth Hostel nestling above the watershed.


A brief fig stop, exchange hellos with three Geordies and we’re heading east, down a boggy grassy path waiting to catch us unawares.



We manage to avoid an over the bars incident and the descent puts a big smile on our faces.


Looking back towards Skiddaw – what an amazing day!


Eventually we hit tarmac as we head down to Mosedale.  Puts me in mind of an old blues song – “I went down to Mosedale….”

You know what it’s like when you get half a tune in your head – just can’t shift it!

From here it’s singletrack (road) around the east side of the Skiddaw massif, and then onto the old mining tracks around the Caldbeck Fells.


THere’s some fun descending to be had here too.  Fast and grassy with a few jumpy bits thrown in.


On Shaman’s behalf, I’d like to point out that those brown stains on his shorts are borne of mud, not fear.


Before long we’re back into the purple heart of Skiddaw.  With an evil dog in hot pursuit!


Up past Whitewate Dash and the steep haul to the gate.


And then back towards Skiddaw House.


The moment you point a camera at The Sleeve he starts showing off. Although he may have just been trying to avoid the king-sized bugs attacking us from their base in the heather.


I think it might have been easier to ford the stream – we already had wet feet.


Beyond Skiddaw House we take the prized singletrack along the side of Lonscale Fell.


It’s a lovely track – for me the highlight of a great ride.


And everywhere the views are stunning.


Makes you feel glad to be alive!

This link should show the route:


We had considered finishing off with the climb to the summit of Skiddaw.  Fortunately we didn’t have time – The Sleeve had a table booked at one of Manchester’s finest and we didn’t want to upset his better half.  So it looks like we’ll have to come back another day for that.