What better way than to spend it in the back garden?

A late start – horse trouble, punctures and the general shock at seeing that red ball of fire in the sky.
I knew it would show itself one day!
Can’t beat cobbles for giving your arse a good pummelling.
Even when you’re only going slowly uphill.

Have I mentioned the Robin Hood’s Well descent?
It could be jolly fast, but you need o slow down for the ramblers.
A happy bunch today – must be the sunshine.

From Irwell Vale the only way is up. And today we go up to Valley View Farm.
The owner here opened a little cafe in a small caravan a few years ago.
A top place with real coffee and home-made cakes at a reasonable price – stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Anyone remember it?
The council closed it down because he hadn’t applied for planning permission. Shame. No cake stop today.

They can’t take the view away.
There’s Peel Tower!

And rufty tufty moorland!

There are always people you know in the back garden.
Even when they can’t remember your name! Lol!

Will I get in trouble for suggesting that Terrahawk looks a bit like Chipps?

or is it just the glasses….

At the request of Jonnym I’ve dug out a map of the route – or a close approximation anyway.
For all you geeky buffs out there it clocks in at 28Km, so a tad under 20 miles, and includes 780m climbing.

If you give it a go, let us know what you think!