18in Black Blue PigRagley Blue Pig owner Jackson Reid got positively pestered on his first outing…

I’d put the bike against a fence when we went for a pre ride coffee. I have honestly never seen a bike get so much attention at Glentress – normally you get a few looks but crowds of people were right up at the bike giving it at once over, someone even picked it up!

I’ve had the bike just over a week now and I’m thoroughly impressed, I specced it with a 22×34 but could not get hold of a 34 so put a 36 on but was worried about the extra gearing – in truth I’ve never noticed the difference. I cannot belive how well the bike climbs, it’s the proverbial “climbs like a goat” bike!

The spec I have is Pikes, XT shifters, crank, cassette and rear mech with an SLX double front mech. Brakes are Formula The One 200/180 and I have a 60mm stem with 700mm bars. Also running tubless rims (819) with a 2.4 Rubber Queen front and a 2.4 Mountain King on the back, I’ve dropped the PSI to 25 and that seems to work perfectly  Thinking already about changing the stem to 50mm and trying out the ultra wide nukeproof bars.

I’ve ridden a meta5 exclusively for the past 3 years so it will take a bit of time adjusting – my main issues are getting my feet kicked off the pedals but this will improve with time hopefully.

Mates accused me of having a mid-life crisis by going back to a hardtail but once they all had a shot they were converted. I’d followed your thoughts/theory on of the design of the bike and it just sounded perfect for what I was after as I was getting bored of the full sus in terms of just being able to batter over stuff without really thinking about it.

It seems to excel in slow, steep techy sections. In fact in a few places where I’d always had a dab or two previous I was able to clean it in one go on the Pig.

I’ve attached a pic of the bike as it was getting built – I’ll try and get some more action shots but at the moment I can’t be arsed to stop and take pics as I’m enjoying it so much.