Despite 2008 ending in snot and broken-lung farce, it was a good year, cycling-wise. Highlights were a decent, worth-building-on result at Mountain Mayhem, 10th place in the Huddersfield Sportive, 5th in the Prestwich Challenge (although that wasn’t cycling), 6th and a PB in the Mary Townley Challenge and a successful Hit The North (despite the weather). Plenty of stuff to build on in 2009, then. I’ve got some ambitions in 2009, some will happen, some won’t. Some I won’t do because I can’t afford it. The TransWales for example. Definitely my kind of event but hideously expensive. I need a sponsor 😉

The Gran Canaria Enduro was a brilliant event. I did ok, but the best things for me were the warm, dry conditions and the fun* that I had riding around the island looking for the registration venue and some details about the start of the race.

*wasn’t actually fun

Other highlights were Deb doing well with her running, Garry popping over from Canada for a ride and Simon’s knee finally getting back to normal.

What could have gone better? I would have liked better results at the Fred Whitton and the 3 Peaks Cyclocross. I allowed my training to drift a bit at times and that probably didn’t help, although I have been quite surprised at how well things went considering the chaotic nature of things in general in the last 12 months.

Sleepless In the Saddle was awful. Even months later I haven’t really got a good memory of that race and I’ll still never race a mountain bike at Catton Park again unless there were some radical changes to the course.

I sold 3 frames in 2008 too – needs must and all that but disappointing all the same.

2009 will hopefully be a year of “sticking to the plan”. I’m sure I can squeeze a bit more out and also do more in less time (and crucially have more FUN) if I show a bit more discipline. It’s mainly getting out of bed early that’s the killer. I’m after better results in the usual races, I’m looking forward to HTN1.5 and a local Merida event. I want to improve on my 2008 place at Mayhem. I’ll hopefully have some money spare to enter the Transwales and maybe find a use for all the ex-Patriot and PA spare bike parts in the cellar. I’m hoping to ride a bit more with other people, maybe a regular training partner if anyone out there is daft enough ;0)

Happy New Year and All the Best to everyone