View over SummitWhat bike would you ride?

Just a quick email about my new works bike. As the Pennine Bridleway Ranger I get a bike for patrols, surveys etc. I used to have a Specialized Epic but as this was about 5 years old it was cheaper to get a new bike than repair the old.
I saw the article in Singletrack about the Ti frame but this was out of my budget so I had Blazing Saddles make me up a Blue Pig.

It’s a brilliant bike, all of the time for  riding round the local tracks and trails. It has a really nice balance and poise that’s flatters you on your favourite trails and helps you out on trails you don’t. The low speed balance is fantastic especially good for climbing up round Calderdales rocky rooty tracks.

We recently had a site visit to some Bridleways round Gisburn looking at a link route between Lee Quarry and Gisburn, as the Pig wasn’t ready Blazing Saddles lent me the Ti. After the ride as the bikes were lent against the Land Rover, a van pulled over, a guy came out and asked “is that the new Ragley Ti….can I touch it”.

Excellent bike, got to take a group round the loop tomorrow so Ive changed the tyres for Ignitors as the 2.35 High Rollers are to fat my little legs!

Bill Brady
Pennine Bridleway Ranger

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