The aussies have a way with words don’t they!
Today was certainly a day to slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on the sun-cream!

You all had your invites – but no-one came to the party, so the photos are all of Shaman (who had the decency to wear a different top), except this one of me heading off Thieveley Pike.

We cheated on the way out and headed up the old railway towards Bacup, then up the bridleway to Sharneyford, past the trailer park at Healds farm and on to Thieveley.

From the top it’s a barrel of fun, the grass is dry and the ruts are dusty with a few jumps thrown in.

Next it’s along the MTL then past the cross and down to Clowbridge. The track has been sanitised here and is fast, oh yes it’s fast! In fact there are a couple of skid marks off the track where locked wheels have prevented a corner from being taken. Being of an age when speed is no longer so important, I rattle down like an overloaded bus going up a hill. I think sedate is the word. Eventually the bottom is reached.

From here it’s stiff climbing to Hameldon Hill. Did you know Rocky owns the hill?
He never rides up though – he cheats and gets dropped off at the top by helicopter.

Past the pond…

…and we’re onto the Kings Highway

Which takes up Watery Lane – which no longer lives up to it’s name.

Right at the top of the lane is the camping gaz stove used to prepare the stir fry entry for the Guinees Book of Records “largest Chinese meal” award. I don’t think it won though.

Seriously though, can anyone tell me what it is?

Next it’s a short and scenic climb up onto Rooley Moor. It might look a little unsavoury…

…and you do have to ride past a dubious shooting range (populated by large, bald, red-faced men driving big ghetto off-road vehicles). I think it might be a drug dealer’s training centre.

We don’t hang around, we make like Don Quixote and head for the windmills.

Which are still being erected across the moor. I think that 20 of them are now up.

As a result of the “Rooley-Henge” publicity, there are a few more people out and about. We took a diversion – is this photo taken from the site? I’m not sure, but it’s where Routemartin suggested we might find it, and there is a ring of stones at this point.

We’ll be back next week to do the ride in reverse (that’s not sitting backwards on our bikes, it’s in a clockwise direction doh!) so if you want to join us jousting at windmills be at Healey corner for 8:30.