Lee Quarry now boasts a Skillz Area.
Time for the Rooley Moor Rampage!

Brendan Semenuk was busy, but The Sleeve and Shaman came along.

Some light relief in the quarry as Nopies shows off on the Big Dipper.
He makes it look so easy! (Well, I suppose it is – just don’t let go of the bars!)

It’s a long way to go to burn a ‘hot’ vehicle.
I wonder what they used for a get-away vehicle from here?
Stole a mountain bike possibly?

and then it’s a short hop over to Lee Quarry and an examination of the skillz area.
Some half-logs across pools of water of indeterminate depth (well, actually not very deep as I was to find out).

As well as the skinnies (and some easier ones to practise on) there’s a teeter-totter.
That’s a seesaw to you guys…get with the North Shore speak!

Even NoPies gives it a whirl, in his own unconvincing style

The verdict?
Worth half an hour on a balmy summer evening. It’s a bit harder on an ordinary day of rain and wind.

And don’t forget to call in at the bike wash on the way home – keeps the back of your car nice and clean!