Celebrating a half century for a Shaman is similar to a barmitzvar for a Jewish kid – it’s more a coming of age than a welcome to the world of free health checks and marketing mailshots for Saga holidays. And Shaman celebrated his by removing the stabilizers from his bike and “riding solo”!


Not bad for a trainee coffin-dodger huh? And some of his young friends came along too…


No photo set is complete without the obligatory @r$e shot – Shaman leads from the front.
Shorts? In December? WTF!


The Industrial Fells shine in the reflected light of Shaman’s aura


It doesn’t get much more Industrial than this


And of course, no ride is complete without a gurning championship, and Routemartin walked away with this afternoon’s prize


And into the quarry


At this pointShaman’s mechanical ineptitude came to light. There were no bolts holding his rotor in place. What a hero – two hours riding before he tried to use his back brake! A skill level I can but dream about!


and on that note, we rode off into the Rochdale sunset