There are some trail improvements I’m all in favour of.

But before you need that one, a bit of climbing is required:

This is all sanitised trail, but I’ve never heard anyone complain

In the distance you can see the trail snaking upwards from Piethorne Reservoir. That’s been sanitised too.

Up on top the pedestrian erosion is so bad they’ve installed an all weather path.

There’s a much bigger problem with mx bikes up there though. The moor is riddled with channels they’ve dug, and the fence across the top has been flattened so that they can ride across. It’s just vandalism.

My favourite bridge

I fell off soon after this. The track narrows, steep slope on the left, bog on the right, skinny slick along the edge.

My back wheel slid off the edge and I dabbed with my right foot, or at least tried to. Instead my foot went straight into the bog followed by my leg up to the knee. The bike twisted me round so that my foot, trapped in peat, was pointing one way and my body pointing the other. The foot was fast – I pulled and pulled but it wasn’t having it. Eventually I got out, wet and smelly. Big hand for Shaman who managed to stifle his laughter and come to my assistance.

Yet more trail sanitisation lay ahead

Causey stones are definitely the way forward. Look at these, must have been put down 100 years ago, and still like new!

Back home over the Long Causeway. Even this has been worked on, still too hard for me to ride in the wet (when it’s dry I’ll probably find I can’t ride it then either!)

Ad to finish off, a nice view of Rochdale…

That was one wet ride.

But strangely pleasurable.

My mojo’s buzzing.