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This just arrived from Lynskey (via Brant’s car) yesterday, just in time to be thrown together ready for SITS this weekend. I know it’s not best practice to ride a new bike in a 24 hour race (or do anything new for that matter), but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’m taking the Scandal anyway just in case..! First impressions are that the front end is very low, as low as a 26″ wheeled bike in fact.

I only had a blue headset, which kind of clashes with the Singular fork that we’re using, but for testing purposes this fork is the correct length and rake for this┬áparticular frame so we’ll see how it rides with that and take it from there. Dave’s frame is different from this in that it suits a shorter-raked fork (a pimp-ass carbon job).

The full bike weighs bang on 24Ibs, however with lighter wheels and a carbon fork it’d be 23 or less.

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