We’re delighted to announce our demo fleet will be taken along to join in the fun at this February’s Hit the North 2.5 Race.

Team JMC/Ragley riders, Dave and Jason will be whipping around the course on their TD-1s and will (probably) be delighted to talk about their bikes.

What’s Hit the North I’ve been living in a cave.

Hit the North returns on February 12th 2011 in the ever-popular ‘Winter Sprinter’ format – basically it’s 2 hours of quality racing on almost the same course as last year (including that horrible grassy climb).
Fine catering, top-drawer entertainment, free parking, guaranteed nice weather, Blitz spirit – what more could you possibly want?

It’s only 14quid, what better way to blow your lungs up on a Saturday in February and prepare yourself for the joys of the oncoming Spring?

Check out all the entry info and whatnot