dsc00073My face is fibbing here – I’m not actually happy in this shot.

But when The Sleeve orders you to “say cheese!” there’s no refusing!

This was Friday early evening.

I was cycling through Whitefield outside the Forts of India Indian restaurant.

The road splits here, I keep right.  Unfortunately a silver Toyota Yaris wanted to turn left.

It drove into me from the side, then veered off to the right.  I swerved on impact then fell back sideways against the car. As it moved past me I slid off the back and hit the road – I was doing about 24 miles an hour.

I remember thinking “this is going to hurt” as I fell over, and I predicted that one correctly.

My shoulder and hip smacked into the tarmac and I could feel my collar bone snap.  Shit!

I couldn’t move, my hips and groin were hurting and I could feel the loose bone moving in my shoulder as I breathed.

The Yaris stopped, there were two young women in the car, both with long hair.  Neither got out.

Other people stopped and pulled me to my feet.  At this point the Yaris drove off.  I was vertical – I must be OK.

dsc00072The paramedics were great, and soon had me in the ambulance. I felt more angry than anything, but still worried about my groin.

The police took statements from a couple of young people who’d stayed with me – thanks very much.  But no-one had taken the car registration.

I rang home as I was driven to Fairfield but no one was in.

Managed to catch The Sleeve though – he could tell his Mum!

After the customary delay and consultation I got taken through for X-rays.

dsc00075The collar-bone was fairly obvious.  That’s going to be six weeks I thought.

The pelvis was a little harder to spot.

It’s fractured on the pubic ring (rim?) on the left of the picture below.

It’s not load-bearing and should heal quickly.

I could feel no pain – I wasn’t moving.


But as soon as I tried to move my legs or back I was in agony.

I spent an uncomfortable night, I didn’t bother with analgesia -it wasn’t hurting.  But I couldn’t move.

The next morning I was told they’d sort out pain relief and mobilise me.  I couldn’t move, even with the tablets but during the second night the pain subsided.  The doctor’s told me the injury (fractured pelvis) was much more common in individuals thirty years older than me.  I guess I’ve got old bones!

The prospect of standing on the bad leg was a bit frightening – but I gave it a go the following day.

It was a disaster, the pain was excrutiating.  The answer was simple – up the pain killers.

On the Monday I had a go with an elbow crutch, and eventually persuaded the physio I could cope at home, and they signed me off.

Today had a bad start. I was upstairs in pain – the drugs were all downstairs! I won’t make that mistake again!  I almost fainted in the kitchen, I was in agony, cold sweats with pain, my vision went blurry and I had to sit down.  It took over ten minutes to cover 10 yards and descend a flight of steps.

I’m OK now -the pain killers let me hop round the house, albeit slowly, but the shoulder keeps being used to help the pelvis so it’s not really settled down yet.

I’ll ring the police tomorrow, but I don’t hold out much hope.

On the plus side, no demands yet from the wife that I should give up cycling – so maybe there will be more biking for me!