I missed HTN the other week – but I did have a good excuse, and I did get some proper riding in on some proper hills.

A few adjectives to describe the Alps: big, steep, fast, technical, exposed, swoopy, rocky, rooty. switchbacks.
Whoops! Forgot one. Scary.
So what was I doing in the Alps? A point-to-point route with Ride The Alps called the Eiger Sanction.
Obviously I’m not going to advertise it here, but you can find out more on their web site.

Lifts are invaluable for gaining height. (I used to think they were for wusses but I’m a born-again lift-rider now)

And this is what it’s like at the top. Note the sturdy fence to save you from almost-certain death if you should ride the berm a little high.

and more exposed shenanigans just to concentrate the mind:

and even some jumpy stuff in the woods – another adjective!

The one constant amongst the different adjectives is the stunning Alpine backdrop.

Well, that’s it for now.
I’ve got a couple more snaps which I might post later on in the week if you’re interested?