We’re headed for the warmth of the valley below, but it’s still a fair way down and first we must leave Wildstrubel and get back to the Gemmi Pass.

There’s even a sheet of snow to negotiate before we meet the main track down.

and even though we’re dropping down the views are still stunning.

It’s here we notice a difference in attitude between the French-speaking Swiss in the the south, and their Northern, German-speaking, counterparts. The French Swiss are full of enthusiasm and cheer you on as you pass them on a bike, the German Swiss are dour – they don’t say a word and either ignore you or deliberately obstruct you. Heading down I had one guy poke a walking pole at me! To be honest though, I was having so much fun I wasn’t really bothered.

We’re headed for Kandesteg, home of the International Scout camp, but there’s a short drop to be tamed first.

Did I mention it was a little exposed?

With Kandesteg being overrun with scouts there are a couple of shops selling a magnificent array of Swiss Army knives. Obviously knife crime is not considered worth worrying about as there are some on display with four inch blades! Not something I’d want a boy scout son returning home with!

The next day is lower level riding. Narrow tracks through green fields with countryside more rolling than rocking.

But before long we reach sight of our final destination – the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau:

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more photos.