I’m glad you’re keen for more – I’ve got one or two good ones up my sleeve!
It’s like being back at school in September and being asked by the English teacher to write an essay on ‘What I did in my holidays’!

After a day of riding the lifts (over 5,000m vertical descent – that’s a long way down!) we left Crans Montana en route for the Wildstrubel Hotel at the top of the Gemmi Pass. The first part of the route incorporates a section of the 1988 Swiss National XC course – it’s even sign-posted! Our guide is the head honcho of Ride the Alps, Jamie Carr, who used to race a bit, and he represented the UK at that event!
Needless to say we take it at a more sedate pace.
After a long descent through the woods, occasional tree roots dusted with pine needles, some benign pine cones played at ball-bearings and sent my front wheel sliding sideways. That’s another graze on my forearm.
It leads to the cliff descent. The track just disappears around a corner onto the cliff face.

And then zig-zags down to the base of the cliff.
You don’t know what it’s like until you can see it.

Beyond here is a gondola ride up to the pass – up a rock face dangling in mid-air.
But at the top the views are superb:

And in the morning we head up to the Wildstrubel Glacier.
HIgh. Did that enter my list of adjectives?
You feel on top of the world here, even though there are peaks soaring up above you.

And this is looking back at the hotel from up towards the glacier:

It’s simply stunning!

That’s it for now, but I’ll keep them coming, I’ve got a few more days to go!