It’s a grey morning at Grindelwald. Wreathes of cloud weave around the top of the north face – which doesn’t look too big from the valley bottom.

It’s the first rain of the week, but it’s only slight, it’s still warm and it’s not going to spoil our fun!
We take the lift to Furst and ride to the scenic Bachalpsee with views of the Wetterhorn and the Schreckhorn.

And here’s a picture of some of the poor sods who’ve had to put up with me all week!

It’s quite an exciting ride down from here

In the middle of nowhere we pass an old mountain hut, it’s like something out of Hansel and Gretel. There’s a date on the front 1739 – but it doesn’t look that old.

The door is open, and inside an old man with the butt of a half-smoked cigar glued to his lower lip is attending to the needs of a large flock of cheeses.
Anywhere else this might be mistaken (rightly or wrongly) as a local tourist attraction. But up here at 1500m there can’t be more than half a dozen people walking past a day – this guy is for real!

With hindsight I wish I’d bought one…..

Before we know it we’re back at Grindelwald. The plan is to ride the railway up past Alpiglen to Kleine Scheidegg (both names to stir the hearts of mountaineers everywhere). But bikes are banned from the train until after four – the Swiss guard won’t even let us board the 3-55!

Kleine Scheidegg is awash with tourists, including ourselves.

We don’t loiter for long, we’re quickly off down the other side of the col.

Where the views of the Jungfrau are sublime.

And to wrap up what can I say?
Fantastic trip, great bunch of clients, memories I hope I remember for a few years to come.
And our hosts, Jamie and Mary from Ride The Alps were great.

This trip certainly gets the IFB seal of approval!

Oh yeah – if you ask me nicely I’ll show you my Ride The Alps hoodie – a wonderful example of sartorial elegance!