Phil's Blue PigPhil Dowling has posted a nice blog update about his Blue Pig frame. We think it sums up quite a lot about the bikes, and cuts through some of the puzzlement that people have… Blue Pig’s aren’t just a “long travel hardtail” – we’ve actually given quite a lot of thought to every bit of them – from the tube profiles to the seat and head angle geometry. Anyhow… Phil writes:-

My new ride, been missing a bike for just razzing round on.
These frames are awesome and i’m loving mine. It’s built from steel (Ti & Alloy are also available) and features a slack head angle to get the most out of the 140mm forks ability and to keep the steering right for natural type riding, slow and technical.
Now the main issue with slack head angle is normally bikes climb like crap BUT they’ve thought of that bike sticking in a steep seat tube angle to put your weight and body in the right place, you end up riding alot more weight on the fork but without that “over the bars feeling” similar to my 69er really keep your weight forward and smash through stuff!
I’m still learning how to ride it (big fork and gears…very strange) but am quickly starting to love it and i’m looking for steeper nasty stuff to chuck it down.