It’s always nice when someone shows you their local trails.


And it’s always nice to show someone your local trails.

But which is best?  There’s only one way to find out!  Fight!

I digress.  The Sleeve brought his chum round on Saturday and there’s only one place to drag him – up the hill!


It’s always a good starter for ten.  Plus the descent can be fun.


Indeed, almost as good as the chewed up climb on the other side of the valley.

It’s not easy, a tricky combination of loose rocks, mud and roots, guaranteed to test your strength and balance.


We take the obvious line up to Valley View Farm.  There used to be a cafe here, for ramblers and cyclists, in a mobile home at the side of the track.  Sadly, the coucil closed it down and removed the caravan, describing it as an eyesore.  It’s a shame as I could manage a cappuccino about now.

One of the few bits of forestry singletrack next.


It makes a change from the regular diet of rocks and mud – roots and mud!


Its not a bad way to spend the morning.  Even had some sunshine.

And the verdict from the new kid?

I didn’t ask – the smile on his face gave it away!