Well, that should have grabbed your attention – what do I mean?

Flat racing with maggots, a group of bookmakers clustered at the side of the track?

No, something altogether different.

It’s all to do with the sign.

It’s a balmy summer evening. You’re out on the bike catching the last rays of the day. As you round the final bend on Moorbottom Road you ride into the tepid stench of the maggot farm. The smell of a thousand sheep carcases in various stages of decay crammed into an overheated barn.

Well, things could get worse. Lets look at the sign a little more closely:

So, not only will your nostrils be assaulted with rotting meat, there’ll be a cloud of barbeque smoke following you round the hill, the rich aroma of singed Tiddles in the air.
Which will be worst?

You need to look for a positive side to this sort of development – do you think they’ll start serving kebabs?

I made another discovery while I was out.
You know all that rain we’ve had?
Ever wondered where it goes?
Well, I found this enormous plughole while I was out:

So that’s where it all goes!

Being a Billy rider can be a bit lonely at times. I asked these guys if they fancied a spin but they weren’t keen.

But there were a few other riders out.
I passed this group by Holcombe Hill:

There’s been a lot of work done on the Robin Hood’s Well descent, at the back of Holcombe Hill.
And it’s coped with the recent rain admirably. And its fast to boot!

Nice to be dry enough to take the camera out again.
All I need now are some amenable models!