dsc_4292I know you’ve all been clamouring for a shot of Shaman’s arse, so here it is!

Just like the old days!

This is up on the moor, between Brittania and Lee Quarries.

It’s just above Bacup – a place that makes me feel a little nervous. Did you know that all the Bacup residents have red hair and share the same surname?

Lee Quarry – a local quarry for local people!

They’ve put together some more content here.  It’s a quarry, so rocks are the order of the day.  But the new stuff is more about speed – smoother, steeper, banks and berms with plenty of options to get your wheels off the ground.






I think you could carve that up with a fair bit of speed!

And here’s a shot of me at the bottom of the next berm


I like the new stuff – it’s a lot of fun.


We hit the skills area afterwards.  Speaking as the proud owner of a  “skill compensator”, needless to say, I find it all a bit tricky.  However I impress myself by successfully negotiating a ten foot section of log – even if it is ony three inchess off the ground! Oh yes – I get over the teeter-totter too.

Back onto the original route, which is as good as ever.



Overall, it’s good for a summers evening – practice your skills and loop round a few times.

It’s good as part of a route around Rooley Moor – it’ll be evn better when the track to connect the quarry to Rooley Moor Road completed.

But I wouldn’t drive up from London.