When work takes me away I try and make contact with local mountain bikers and spread the IFB karma

Here are a few pictures of far away places where the sun is always shining

pb0400221 Now thats a berm !

pb0400291 The Gozo Loop just like Lee Quarry, moments later there was a fall and a broken arm, not me thankfully.

dw0011 Another island in the Med, the Shaman last up the climb as usual

dw0121 As always I still make it to the top

dw0031 If you ever get out to Cyprus taking your biking gear and get in touch with Al & Kirsty here http://www.gekkomountainsport.com/

dscn03121 Which way now? Retro biking in Bosnia, no baggies here lycra was mandatory!

100_66591 This is my mate Tiho, who guided me around the trails in Banja Luka. I could have joined him on a MTB race where there was a minefield on either side of the track – I declined!!! Only because I did not get an answer to my question “what tyres for minefields” on the STW forum.

dscn04321 Jedan Auto Manja!  – One Less Car! – Just look at those ageless Bombers

Where to next?

Well I’m off to Romania in 2009 and have just found a link to Heli Biking in Transylvania now that sounds a blast. However who would believe that I spent 400 euros riding a bike for a couple of hours in Eastern Europe – suggestions of believable excuses welcome!!!