The industrial Fells are littered with relics from the past – from RooleyHenge to the Industrial Revolution.
I wonder who will inherit the windmills when they become relics of a bygone age?

I wonder if people will still be riding bikes, 100 years in the future?

Today we’ve got a posse – Shaman, The Sleeve and his mate Ste. No nickname yet for Ste – but I’m open to offers.
We’re headed for Lee Quarry. The Sleeve on his new bike wants to find out if it’s more fun than it was on a hardtail with a locked suspension fork.

It’s rocky in the quarry

With a few stiff ascents

But the rewards are sweet

And some sections are rather good…

Sorry about my bike spoiling the picture – there’s not much space at the side of the trail!

In this snap the trail looks positively flat!

But it’s not , you know!

The track opens out a bit after that, and its speedy, swoopy, jumpy fun.

Two laps of the red are enough.
Saving the black for next time I’m out there on the big bike.
Watching someone dive over the bars on the qualifier is enough to put me right off!
Time for the Industrial Fells proper.
Up past Alf Kymes we make a beeline for the turbines.

I think I’m quite privileged to have this virtually in my back garden!

and up on top it’s as much fun as the man-made trail

but not as dry

although we do get to ride off into the sunset!

Now all that’s left is dreaming up a nickname for Ste. Hmm…….