…just for the day. Kissing all the girls, blow the bad guys away.

Pinewood studios moves up north for the next 007 epic.
Meanwhile, we were on an epic of our own.

And it went something like this:

The kitchen was bathed in sunshine when I got up, giving me a false sense of the outdoor temperature. I soon discovered it wasn’t really warm enough for a short sleeved shirt, and riding to Rochdale into an easterly headwind was unpleasantly chilly. It’ll soon warm up, I convinced myself. But it didn’t. I think we’d reached Brown Wardle before I started to feel warm (but I was never toasty).

So it was straight up onto Rooley Moor:

I only found out last week that the twin stones at the side of the track were part of the Moorcock Inn, stuck up on top of the moor. I believe RouteMartin’s great grandfather was a bare-knuckled pugilist there many years ago. Any comments RM?

The stone setts are a wonderful example of trail sanitisation, over 100 years old and fantastic to ride on – they leave you shaken not stirred!

The route goes round below Cowpe Lowe before dropping straight down into Rawtenstall.

Then up to the top of the ski slope, where you can see Peel Tower in the distance.

From here it’s up to what Terrahawk referred to as the “fruitbowl”. It is in fact the Halo, “an iconoclastic piece of 21st century sculpture, one of several to be found in East Lancashire”. And it glows at night! You philistine Terrahawk!
Incidentally, anyone know of the whereabouts of the others?
And on down Watery Lane, a delightful track.

The descent from Hameldon used to be down the tarmac. I remember my brakes (Hope C4s) failing coming down here many years ago. Fortunately there’s a gap at the side of the gate and I managed, being a skinny fellow, to just squeeze through. But now a track zips down alongside the road. More fun than tarmac, but I suspect it won’t last long.

So it’s down to Clowbridge, up to the MTL and then on to Thieveley Pike.
We bump into Muddy Dwarf (from the STW forum) here. Disappointingly he’s not wearing a full suit of armour or brandishing a broadsword.

All too soon it’s the last lap – Inchfield Moor, with Stoodley Pike in the background.

What a top ride!

But not really an epic. Time to plan next weeks ride.
The R2R! That could be an epic!
Details will be posted shortly.