I want to sit on a summit on a balmy summer evening and watch the sun go down.
And I want to wake up in the morning and drink coffee, watching the sunrise cast shadows over the hills.

I say have, because I haven’t given up hope yet, but I haven’t much time left.
And my attempt at the weekend was not too successful.
The forecast for Sunday night/Monday morning was promising.
Rain clearing early and a 90% chance of clear skies on Monday.

Well, it was grey and damp in Llanberis, but we pinned our hopes on the forecast and set off with laden bags.

But even my naive optimism started to wane, as instead of clear skies, we simply climbed up into the cloud.

The summit was shrouded in cloud, the wind was Arctic and it was raining.

Too cold on top, but no reason we couldn’t bivvy half way down?
Well, we just didn’t find a nice spot and in the end decided to head back to the car.
It was a good decision – it was dark when we got back to the tarmac.

Snowdon is something that just has to be done.
It’s a tough climb with a fair bit of pushing – especially with bivvy kit.
But the descent is a monster!
And it’s all ridable, except for the bit where I went over the handlebars!

We ended up bivvying at Penmachno.
Nice views:

a spot of supper

and sweet dreams

It rained during the night – coming off Snowdon was a good decision.
Not only that, but we awoke ready to ride, after a coffee and a Pot Noodle – food of the Gods!

It was dry in the morning and slowly the cloud cleared and the day improved – 24 hours too late.
Good riding at Penmachno, fast, twisty, undulating and fun with capital F.
The Sleeve was grinning from ear to ear.
A big day out on the hill followed by some man-made shenanigans. Fantastic!
One loop or two Sir?

Well worth a visit – the Sleeve is already planning a return trip!

Anyhow, that’s enough from me – I’m tired, in work tomorrow so I’m going to get my head down.