I never fancy going out when it’s cold.

dsc_4174 But once I’m out – it’s usually worth it.And it was pretty cold this morning – around -2 according to our thermometer.

I was toasty on the climb up to the tower, but once on the top you could feel the chill in the air.


But there are some advantages on a cold day. The ground is hard.


In fact, it’s as hard as rock.  I usually avoid this section over the winter. But today it’s fantastic.

Even the stiff climb up Harcles Hill looks feasible – but not by us today!


Too much Xmas pudding!

On the top the riding is the best. Ruts are frozen, puddles solid, peat like stone. Perfect!


It continues all the way up to the trig point on Bull Hill.


I’m enjoying this – I wish it could be like this all the time!

The descent is fast. A bit jumpy, a bit swoopy, and then a mad grab at the brakes when I see a pool of ice in front.

That’s a downside of the cold weather – ice.  It’s a bugger.

But before long we’re at the Ellen Strange memorial, and heading back to Pilgrim’s Cross.


I’m hallucinating capuccino now – it’s time to get home. Down to Moor Bottom Lane and off the hill.


So next time you look outside and think – “Jeez, it’s a bit cold!” – make the effort.

The payback is superb!

And if you’re interested where we went, here you go: