I feel cheated.
I was in the area – you know how it is with family commitments – “I’ll go if I can take my bike”.

But there were no dogs at Cannock Chase. Instead, more cyclists than you can imagine.
Hundreds of them.
Queuing at the cafe waiting for it to open at nine o’clock in the morning.
The route should be called follow the cyclist.
Don’t forget to take a pound coin for the car park, or you’ll end up parking down the road like I did.

I was with a relative – my wife’s niece’s husband, who had never ridden off-road before.

The grading of the route is red. I’ve no idea why. It’s a simple trail which twists through the trees, snakes and undulates and that’s about it. Oh yes, there’s a few jumps too if you like to get your wheels off the ground – but it’s not obligatory.
It’s quite fun in a man-made way but I think to enjoy it you’ve got to put the hammer down, which wasn’t possible under the circumstances.

Sorry about the pics, but it’s a bit dark in those trees!

The wife’s niece’s husband enjoyed it though.

So much so that he wants me to bring my bike to the next family gathering.