Never mind paying through the nose for some tame rides with a negligible risk of causing permanent damage when you have a real chance of breaking a clavicle (dislocating a shoulder, maybe?) in the quarry?

There’s no entry charge – if you can ride your bike up there you’re in.

There’s no queues

But there’s no uplift either

and, of course, you’re not fixed to any rails!

If you follow the site map…

You eventually…

…reach the best ride. It’s the Big One!

Now that’s what I call a rollercoaster!

(Although It’s funny you know, it felt much steeper at the time!)

Oh, and if you want a guided tour, best speak to Shaman.

Late extra – there’s been some criticism on STW of “riding photos”, so in the interests of “art” and “photography” I give you the almost vertical Shaman! (Please excuse the flaky editing!)