Clint Boon agrees to Patron Saintronage of The IFB for the year 2006.
Queue screams of ‘Boon Army, Boon Army’ as we rag cheeky trails through sites of special scientific intrest whilst trying to take out ramblers.

Not so sure if Clint understands the implications of this patronage, especially after what happened last time.

Anyway, moving swiftly onwards, If you havent already we recommend tuning into Clints daytime radio show on 96.2 The Revolution 10am till 2pm. The new Mike Sweeney / Tony the Greek if you remember them. Especially on thursday the 5th jan as he’s promised he’ll give The IFB a shout.

We say a fond posthumous farewell to Fred Dibner as our outgoing Patron Saint. RIP.