There’s something in Debretts covering the etiquette of refusing a dinosaur, but it escapes me.
So I politely made my excuses and left the 8 foot raptor behind.

I like the way he’s tethered to the post!

Policemen are like toilets…

….you can never find one when you need one!
But here’s one just where you need it – in the middle of nowhere.
Nice views too.
Couple of logs there that won’t flush by the looks of it.
(Sorry about that – I’ll get my coat)

It was cold and blowy up on the moors above Hebden Bridge.

We were on our way to Duke’s Cut – a regular entry in magazine MTB routes.
The last time I rode here it was really nice – grassy, fast, lots of little jumps and a big one to finish.
Well that’s all changed:

It’s been sanitised, and like the toilet, it stinks.
That’s Egypt in the distance you know.

We’re soon done and on the Mary Towneley Loop.
Now this is a fine route – worth doing if you haven’t yet.
Someone was asking on STW about the hills, and the only one that got a mention was the climb up onto Rooley Moor from Waterfoot. Well, there are a number of short stiff climbs dotted along the route, and this is one of them.

We drop down into Jack Bridge and take the track straight down to Hebden, slowing only for a couple of dog walkers. What’s more of a hindrance is the fact that I turned the ETA on my fork on for that stiff climb, and I’ve forgotten to take it off. At the bottom of the descent I realise, no wonder my arms feel sore!
The it’s the road up to Household – we’re headed for London Road.

Nice view of Stoodley Pike.

London Road is normally fast and fun.
But, today the headwind is slapping us across the face like a piece of wet fish.
It’s just not fun. At the first opportunity we duck out and drop down to the valley floor.

Sanctuary at last.

But it’s not over yet.
There’s another climb. Up Inchfield Road. It’s a bit of a killer.
And then we’re on the Industrial Fells.
It’s tough up here.
Even Northerners can’t live up here. It’s the wind you know.

Soon it’s over.
The route’s finished.
We’re finished.
But the wind blows on.