Well, who’d want to do any? But even so, would you trust these guys to fit a new brake on your bike?

Just before a ride?

That’s pre-ride faffing taken to another dimension!
But as a prelude to the double Garburn, on the rocks, shaken and stirring, perhaps a little risky!

Just to warm up, a diversion up to Staveley Head Fell, to loosen the joints

And a nice start it was too.

Warming us up toasty for the first climb of the day. Garburn is somewhere up there.

Is that Wally? Do I get a prize?

After ascent, descent!
Bring on the rocks!

The view back isn’t bad either.

From here we loop round, break for lunch and then take the southerley breeze back up to the top of Garburn, ready for a bit more downhill!

West to east is more technical, a bit steeper with less respite. It’s a relief to get to this section. Thirty minutes to get up and about five to get down!

But we’re not done yet!
One last climb.

And the obligatory water-splash.

Leads us to the cream in your coffee.

What a day!