Don’t you just hate it when someone describes something as ‘the best’?

I know I do, but it has to be done. This is the best round here – excluding Calderdale Martin, haven’t had a chance to ride yours yet!
What it is:
It’s 1.7km long, with no breaks.
It drops 175m, not bad for round here.
What it’s not:
So what’s so good about it?
Well it draws you in, makes you go faster, lures you into speeds that would normally scare you and then raises the ante with a rocky surprise! Easy at a slower speed but you’re going too fast! Too late to brake you just hang on, keep the front wheel up and don’t touch that front brake! You recover, drop your speed and then the track eases back and lures you in again. This happens over and over – fantastic! You reach the bottom and your thighs are burning and your heart pumping!

Might not be your idea of the best descent round here but it’s certainly mine!


That’s at the back of Rivington by the way!