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Hit the North 7

(photos courtesy of Adam Rowlinson, Michael Silver, Oliver Colam and me) I agonised all week about whether I should allow Hit the North to go ahead or whether I should postpone it due to the coronavirus thing, but in the … Continue reading →

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Ragley 2020 range

After a successful reboot of the range last year, we are back with another no-nonsense range of bikes for 2020. With every model receiving praise and awards across the board last year, each bike has subtle tweaks to keep them up to date and on the money. All our mountain bikes now roll on Maxxis […]

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Strathpuffer 2020

For the first few hours of the Strathpuffer, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was missing. There was something absent – was it a section of the course? Was it something I’d forgotten to bring? Was it a … Continue reading →

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10@Kirroughtree 2019

The 10@Kiroughtree (known locally as “the ten”) is a lapped MTB endurance race on one of the most brilliant courses I’ve ridden. Yeah yeah, I know I’m a local boy now and therefore I’m bound to be biased, but after … Continue reading →…

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The Pan Celtic Race 2019

Even though the ferry crossing from Cairnryan to Befast is only a couple of hours long, I happily paid 26 quid for a cabin just for a shower and a chance to lie down on something comfortable. While the idea … Continue reading →

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