It signifies the end of the summer.

Those halcyon days of sunshine and summer breezes are drawing to a close.

To be replaced with wet and windy weather combined with a receding sunset.

Hang on a moment though – it’s been wet and windy for months.

I’m still waiting for summer to arrive.

It’s not on is it?

Summer’s been cancelled.

So here are some autumnal photos instead.

The Industrial Fells are living up to their name

You can’t even tell which season it is.

These photos could be from today, or sometime in February.

Even the cows are confused. You wouldn’t want an argument with them!

There is one thing which is a bit of a give-away –

And that’s the colour of the heather.

It’s a beautiful purple at the end of the summer.

I only persuaded Shaman to ride up here to get a shot of the zigzags – they ride as good as they look!

But elsewhere bleakness prevails. It really does look like this all year round.

Even the other side of the valley doesn’t want to come out and play.

There is a photogenic side to the fells – it’s just not visible today.

And finally, to end on a cheery note – the next Bank Holiday is Christmas Day. Fantastic.