Scrap that last piece of sh*t ive had a half time brain waveWandering round the carparks of any uk bike hot spot and you will see the glitter of lovely santa cruzs all lined up next to old blokes who should lower there standards if they want girls to knock about with them lovely santa cruzs are bought by people who would be better off kicking the crack habit and buying a f*kking big ass titanium bong to get properly caned on…

no arguments

i had one so no offence m8s but they are sh*t for lots of reasons not leaset that the angles are wrong on the cheaper ones by cheap i mean still 10 time the cost of my 205 annual insurance ie superlite so you end up riding like a poof no offence dont get me started on the subject of gays its something ive had a lot of griedf about reciently and then you stick spuds on them and you might as well book a bed in a and e in advance. george clooney mashed up on god knows what trying to put a drip in my arm no thanks m8 ill heal myself with the f*kkin finest nbatural herb. ah bisto the other thing at aston hill a while back this kid was on a bullit the likes of which you only see in shiny brochures under the heading BIKES YOU WILL NEVER AFFORD IN A MILLION YEARS OF SMALL DEALS i said why did you not get a v10 there better i was having a laugh.
the kid looked at me like i was a piece of dirt on his 12 grand frame and said actually he is going to by a v10 soon but the bullit had to do for now cos he couldnt afford it yet tosser m8 when iwas your age i spendign every last penny getting closer to god with foot long bad boy reefers not saving a cool 9G a month doin f*kkin paper rounds1!! how times change brothers i still rinsed the kid on my rigid kona nah not really he was packin away in his dads car but i think i could of had him on Dh3 so to all yuo more money than sense owners of santa cruzs oh my goodness why oh why do you buy califoirnias finest and then ride them instead of more appropriaet bikes like raleigh lizrad through the english farm yarsd in the winter are you on crack? yes we are firmly established long time users i hear you cry!1

then you whinge when your f*kkin 8 grand XTR chainset lasts two weeks tools for the job mate tools for the job if you want to get relaxed buy a big f*kkin bong loaded with the finest herbs if you want to ride uk winters dont get a santa drippin g with xtr fools no offence i had one but i saw the lite and got an sx that is a bike for all seasons m8s well broithers lessons learnt i think time to kick back and take off the shoes and get the good times flowing with the help of mother nature

peacea out


Thats better isnt it Warren
you decide