While Terrahawk was out earning a crust – although he’s not giving up the day job as IT is much easier than solo racing – Shaman and I went out for an early morning pootle.


What a great morning – one of those when you feel glad to be alive – unless you’re 18 hours into a 24 hour race and riding solo!

Watergrove beckoned – only at the height of summer is it as dry and fast as it was that morning.


After some faffing with a flat rear tyre,  Shaman was ready for business.


We went out past Watergrove and up the Long Causeway (with a bit of a detour to keep it all rideable)



The view towards Stoodley from the top of Long Causeway is always nice.  Stoodley dominates Calderdale and can be seen from wherever you are. (Well, almost)


The descent is a cracker.  Loose and broken at the moment – bags of fun!

And then across to the Zig Zags.  From over the valley they look like this:


Can you see the track coming in to the top from the right?

They’re well worth a visit.

It starts with a narrow walled track with a couple of gates, loose rocks and waterbars.

Something about the cobbled surface makes you feel as though you’re tyres are always on the edge of losing heir grip – but they don’t!


It opens out a bit further on into the sweeping turns of he zig zags.

(Think I should have upped the speed on this shot, Shaman almost looks as though he’s moving!)


From the bottom is the flower Scar Road climb and the track towards Hades to finish.


What a great morning’s riding!

And big congratulations to Terrahawk – top effort!